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  1. TylerP42

    Explanations of Delays

    The issue is at times they don't have a realistic estimate. There's also times that even the conductors aren't 100% sure why they're being delayed.
  2. TylerP42

    Which would you take? SWC or CZ?

    Both I did it when I turned 18. SWC there, CS up the coast, CZ back.
  3. TylerP42

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Seeing reports of 11 dead so far. Also CBS reporting 12.
  4. I've never ridden in a dome car, from any railroad, sadly.
  5. TylerP42

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Looks like the eye will hit Wilmington soon. Florence is crawling along.
  6. TylerP42

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Anyone in the line of fire - get out now. Evacuate. There is a potential this will hit as a Category 5. Infrastructure will probably be devastated, and power may be out for weeks if not months.
  7. I took poor man's ham, PB&J, and sometimes I take MREs so I can have a hot meal.
  8. TylerP42

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    This is some terrible news to awake to. Alan was so knowledgeable, and had such a passion for what he did. I take solace in the fact that he was doing what he loved until the end and I will be praying for those he left behind.
  9. Well, I will miss it. However it was something extra, and it wasn't something that was guaranteed. It made the trip cool and was an awesome experience. The one time I was able to experience it was awesome, and I wish I could of experienced it again. I wonder if they will still offer some amenities like the wine and cheese tasting.
  10. I am saddened to hear this - however I will wait for an official statement. I am glad that I got to experience the PPC once for my 18th birthday, however I am sad that I may not be able to experience it again.
  11. TylerP42

    Craziest Drama on Amtrak you've seen?

    I hope my plane never hits anything while I'm in it... Don't exactly hold up as well as a train.
  12. TylerP42

    Craziest Drama on Amtrak you've seen?

    I once witnessed someone who had such a bad stench they had to be removed from the train. The conductor was (as kindly as he can) trying to explain to this person why they had to be removed, to a response of screaming. It wasn't even coherent screaming, just a lot of curse words (I think) mushed into words. Also, when I was on the Southwest Chief with Shanghai for my wonderful Birthday trip, we hit a semi. I was about to walk through the doors in between cars, and the emergency break almost sent me head first into the door in front of me. I caught myself on the walls.
  13. Police officer (state patrol) being interviewed by media saying she is having a hard time contacting PIO's at Amtrak. Media going back and forth saying fatalities and no fatalities.
  14. Little late here, but personally I tip with 2 dollar bills to keep it fun -and usually for the amount I spent (or free with sleeper), 2-4 dollars is appropriate.
  15. TylerP42

    Short trip on the Lake Shore Limited

    I believe BC is much more superior - you get a single chair to your self at times, it reclines more, and a free drink, early boarding, and access to the lounge. Not sure why someone would say coach is better.