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  1. Lonestar648

    Leaving AU

    Hope you decide to stay. Everyone needs a break or has to take a break, but then comes back with a renewed point of view. Each trip I make gives me more experiences, good and bad to share and get other AU members input. There are the non-members first time riders who always need our input, and you being young bring a different angle to the discussion. Hope to see you posting in the future.
  2. The site is back up. Looks to be working properly.
  3. I can't remember how many years, but quite a while ago, a few friendly Senators and Representative threaten the freights with starting Congressional Hearings on detailed investigation on how Amtrak was handled on a train by train basis. The freights suddenly had Amtrak running close to on time, at least for a year or so. It appeared that the freights did not want specifics on how they did their dispatch process to be aired publicly, so it was easier to push Amtrak through than make these few in Washington mad.
  4. Mentioning viewing the Christmas lights brought back memories of how some people decorated their homes so the RR crews and passenger trains could see decorations as they came by. Remember those nights on the CL and the LSL.
  5. Lonestar648

    Dining car access for Eastbound Chief

    The "Boy Scout" traffic which will now be "SCOUTS" is barely 10-12 weeks out of 52. Most of those attending Philmont arrive other than by the train which is different from the Santa Fe days when several school buses from the ranch would load and unload with each train's arrival.
  6. Lonestar648

    Amtrak Blacklist?

    With fewer and fewer stations with agents, the unaccompanied minor really doesn't work anymore. Very little business would be lost by eliminating it.
  7. SS Sleeper rates would have to be changed to compensate for meals being added.
  8. Lonestar648

    Denali NP Alaska

    I recommend taking the Alaska RR from Anchorage or Fairbanks to Denali NP station. The scenery is spectacular, which is an understatement. Denali NP is over 6,000,000 acres with only one road, mostly gravel and restricted in the park. We decided to stay at the Camp Denali operator, up scale but definitely wilderness, being 90 miles inside the park, with views of Mt. Denali (formerly McKinley) from every cabin or building. The Camp has its own buses that pick up and meet the Fairbanks arrival, the ride is slow so everyone can take photos of the different animals. About half way in, there is a gourmet picnic dinner. Each day every meal is provided, there are guided hikes by naturalists based on hiking skill ability. We chose their Friday arrival and Monday departure. I took over 1000 photos from bears, sheep to tundra turning its fall colors to the Alpenglow to Mt Denali in all its splendor. Denali NP can be seen on the day long tour buses, but to really see the animals, the mountains, etc. you need multiple days. Fairbanks has many attractions from Riverboats to gold mines. A must see tour is going along the Turnagain Arm for the beauty of the mountains and watching the beluga whales teaching their babies to hunt salmon.
  9. Dispatch for the host RR makes the call. Probably depends on the size of the tree and how is fell (is it possible to push to the side or is it wedged between a couple of trees).
  10. Lonestar648

    Michigan Central Photo Gallery

    Thanks for the link
  11. Lonestar648

    Dining car access for Eastbound Chief

    Guess during the off season no Coach Passengers get access to the Diner if there isn't enough room for all the sleeper passengers. Hard working crew, what are they doing, two seating's for dinner.
  12. Lonestar648

    Transitdocs map frozen

    I checked the Track a Train status for trains in all time zones and they all stopped updating about 7:30 AM CT this morning.
  13. Lonestar648

    Transitdocs map frozen

    Amtrak Map has NOT updated since approx. 7:30 AM CT
  14. Lonestar648

    Dining car access for Eastbound Chief

    Looks like mid-July before the camp is operational again. They cancelled over 13,000 reservations. If any train in the summer needed more capacity, it would be the CZ.
  15. I have emphasized the importance to the local area economy plus the importance as a piece of infrastructure, so passenger rail is absolutely necessary and should be expanded as an alternative to the airlines for national security should there be another 9/11 event. In many rural communities, Amtrak is the primary way people get to travel long distance from and to the area.