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  1. Qapla
    Looking for Tickets
  2. h
    Mid planning USA and Canada trips.
  3. Rheavon
    Looking forward to my next rail adventure!
  4. c
    como kywingnut
    A little more about Ottumwa and parking. The parking lot in Ottumwa is next to the station and there are signs inside the station directing people on where to park. I've parked their about 10 times over the past 4 years without any problems. Ottumwa is a crew change point for Amtrak and seems to have a relatively large group of passengers boarding.
  5. jimmrl
    Only 12,850 miles - Part of the California Zephyr - Capital Limited - Crescent - Lake Shore Limited
  6. r
    Sunset Limited
    1. r
      Why are there not more sales for the Sunset Limited?
      Jun 8, 2019
  7. basketmaker
  8. basketmaker
    California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, City of New Orleans, Lake Shore Limited, Crescent, Sunset Limited
  9. Mike G
    Mike G
    Avatar My 9th and final landing at Williams Field aka Ice Runway, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
  10. Seaboard92
    Trying to sell two charter trains.
  11. New Train Guy
    New Train Guy
    Routes travelled: California Zepher, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Capitol Unlimited, Crescent, Carolinian
  12. P
  13. Swadian Hardcore
  14. C
    CJK Ronbo
    Check your messages. I would really like this. 
  15. Twin Star Rocket
    Twin Star Rocket
    “Trains tap into some deep American collective memory.”---Dana Frank
  16. Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan Railroad Bill
    Hi Bill!

    The Buckeyes and the Longhorns both held on to Win ^_^ , and Urban can shuttle off to TV for EZ Bucks!!
  17. Chey
    Chey cpotisch
    "pescatarian" - you made me look it up     :-)  But may I ask why fish is okay but not poultry?

    "Fish are friends, not food" - I used to love *[I]to*[/I] fish but I always released them cause I never found a fish that I liked to eat, much less kill and clean.

    But them again, I don't mind chicken probably cause I don't have to kill and gut them. They're cuter than fish too.

    PS - before I released the fishes I always gave them the worm. No, I don't have feelings for worms...
    1. A
      So, what about species that are total jackasses?
      Mar 15, 2019
  18. A
    AG1 ehbowen

    I am interested in knowing your method of digitalizing the films mentioned in the post.

    Thank you,

    1. ehbowen
      I'm a semi-pro; I do this as a part time hobby business. For video tapes I use one of five high-end S-VHS and D-VHS VCRs; I feed that output to a time base corrector to clean up the signal and then digitize it using (normally) an ATI All-In-Wonder video card. The AIW cards are widely regarded to be the best hardware ever built for this purpose; unfortunately they were discontinued with the move to digital video and the drivers were never updated (they still require Windows XP). I also have machines which are capable of playing 8mm/Hi8 video tapes and Mini-DV tapes as well as an adapter which lets me play VHS-C tapes in the full-size S-VHS machines. I'm also in the process of acquiring a machine which should allow me to convert PAL format VHS and S-VHS tapes.

      I also have a film scanner which allows me to digitize 8mm and Super 8 film movies (silent only, at present) to 720P HD digital video. Once digitized, I have the software to add (generic royalty-free...I don't want to tangle with the copyright ****s) music, titles and effects to the videos as well as perform some color correction and restoration. Then I can master and burn the videos to physical media (DVD or Blu-ray) as desired. Oh, I can also scan slides and negatives but I try to downplay that as it's a fairly slow and involved process with a lot of manual fiddle-work.
      Dec 28, 2018
  19. C
    My friend just took a train trip from ATL to CHI.
  20. P42 AC/DC
    P42 AC/DC
    Ready to be on the LSL next week!!
  21. cpotisch
    If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. - Jack Handey
  22. cpotisch
    Desert Wind
  23. CCC1007
    Where do we need an additional LD train to run?
  24. Compuwriter
  25. cpotisch
    cpotisch AlanB
    RIP, Alan. You are missed.