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Wandering during stops - reasonably!

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 02:01 PM

I almost always get off and walk around, but almost always stay train side.  I may walk into the station.


The only station where I've wandered off is Albuquerque.  It is a long stop and there is a generous pad both directions.  I have been on trains with as long as 90 minutes in Albuquerque, so I've gone off and walked around on occasion, including going to an ATM.

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 04:53 PM

If I'm going to get a locomotive photo generally I will go to the furthest open vestibule and tell whichever crew member there what I'm doing. As generally I'm fairly fast and can have a photo and be back in under two minutes. Giving me plenty of standing time on the platform.
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Posted 24 April 2018 - 05:57 PM

Glenwood Springs is a smoke/fresh air stop infamous for people wandering into the nearby shops above the station platform and getting left behind when the train departs.
I know some people on the westbound CZ that got left have gotten a taxi to take them to the Grand Junction stop to catch up with the train. I've heard the cost to do that is about $300.

And I witnessed a person left behind on the eastbound CZ at Glenwood Springs when they went into the station to admire the museum. Fortunately, this person was able to book a ticket via phone on an eastbound Greyhound departing about an hour later, which easily beat the train to Denver — a little bit poorer but hopefully wiser.

#24 Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate


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Posted 24 April 2018 - 06:25 PM

I often disembark and walk around during station stops.  Sometimes no further than the platform but other times multiple blocks away from the station far beyond sight of the train.  If we're early or on time I don't bother asking the crew anything and just make sure I'm back on the platform 5 minutes before departure (according to my phone).  If the train is running late I discuss timing with the staff and generally stay on or near the platform unless it's a refueling stop.

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Posted 24 April 2018 - 08:54 PM

The northbound Coast Starlight (14) is usually early into Klamath Falls. Once, when it arrived 20 minutes early, I had enough time to wander off a bit as it stopped for three times longer than its usual 10 minute stop. Since I had to grab something from my apartment (2 miles away), I hailed a cab to get there, run, grab, return, and reboard. I got back on board with the needed item with about 3 minutes to spare.

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#26 DCAKen


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Posted 25 April 2018 - 01:07 PM

A few months back, I took the Vermonter up to Essex Junction with a couple of friends for a ski trip. On the way back, we had a 45 minute layover at Penn Station. That gave us plenty of time to get out of the station and find a pizzeria for a couple of authentic NY slices about a block away. We got back even before they started boarding the NYP passengers.

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Posted 25 April 2018 - 09:46 PM

I've only ever gotten off the train at a stop in WAS. Even if that train is running late, the engine switch takes a certain amount of time and they will announce before the power goes out that it'll be a shortened stop so stay on the platform and don't go up into the station. But they don't leave the second the Diesel is attached, so I know that if I reboard within a minute of the engine switch I'll be fine.

#28 benale


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Posted 26 April 2018 - 03:55 PM

Years ago I was on the Palmetto going to Florence SC. I was half awake when we got to Fayetteville and I went inside the station figuring we just got there. Actually we arrived ten minutes before and when I walked out to the train it was moving! Everything I had was on the train. I called Amtrak told them the situation and where my stuff was. I walked to the Greyhound station took a bus to Florence five miles from the Amtrak station and took a cab to hopefully retrieve my belongings. They were there. My hotel was a few blocks from the train station. Lesson learned. Always be aware of your surroundings and never leave the platform if you have only a few minutes
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Posted 26 April 2018 - 07:45 PM

I've only ever gotten off the train at a stop in WAS. Even if that train is running late, the engine switch takes a certain amount of time and they will announce before the power goes out that it'll be a shortened stop so stay on the platform and don't go up into the station. But they don't leave the second the Diesel is attached, so I know that if I reboard within a minute of the engine switch I'll be fine.

Yeah. Engine switches are the safest stops since you know the train isn't going anywhere without a loco. When I was on the LSL (eastbound) in February, we pulled into Albany a few hours late, and though I normally wouldn't hop off when behind schedule, in that case I knew I had time to stretch my legs on the platform. Since they  have to detach the Boston section and attach a P32, there's always a fair bit of time to walk around the platform. If you're aware of your surroundings, and understand what needs to happen to the train at the given stop, you'll almost always be fine.

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#30 Lonestar648



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Posted 26 April 2018 - 10:07 PM

I get off during the service stops even when the train is late, but stay close since I have been surprised a few times with how quickly the work get completed.  When the train is late some crews manage to get the train on its way faster than passengers expect.

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