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Amtrak Train Near Bryan/College Station, TX

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Posted 25 June 2017 - 01:59 PM


This'd be an interesting detour, to ride on for the TE. I'll have to look at this route on Google Maps, later. It is interesting to think there used to be a branch of the TE that ran from Dallas to Houston, years ago.

I was fortunate to get to ride the Texas Eagle from Houston to Arkansas when I was a Senior in high school.



I was able to ride from Dallas down to Houston back in the late '60s.  My dad took me down to see the Astros play ball in the Astrodome - better known as "the eighth wonder of the world" back then.  What I remember most about that train trip was going to the dining car and eating supper.  For dessert the attendant brought me a slice of apple pie with cheese melted on top of it and vanilla ice cream on the side.  Until then I never knew that you could get apple pie with cheese on it  I still remember that moment just like it was yesterday.  I also remember riding a train between Brownwood and Ft. Worth back in the mid-60s.  We had family in Brownwood and would take the train a couple of times a year to go visit them.  Not sure when the service ended but when it did we transitioned over to Continental Trailways bus service.  Great experiences with riding trains when I was young.  


Now a days all of the similar experiences with my kids is from riding trains around Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  When we go over we get a Rail Pass and basically spend our days traveling around those countries via rail service.  The scenery is gorgeous and the trains and rail stations are great.  Riding trains = great memories!

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Posted 25 June 2017 - 03:06 PM

This'd be an interesting detour, to ride on for the TE. I'll have to look at this route on Google Maps, later. It is interesting to think there used to be a branch of the TE that ran from Dallas to Houston, years ago.


From the Fall 1994 Timetable: http://www.timetable...1030n&item=0031


I don't get why 521 got to DAL at 2:24pm but 21 arrived at 2:49pm? That would mean the train had to split before DAL but both routes still served DAL. Was the split in Longview? The northbound departure for both 522 and 22 were the same.


To me it was stupider to kill this portion of the TE than to kill the BL. I get when Amtrak's budget gets cut some routes have to be cut. But how expensive could it have been to run through cars for 300-400 miles, 7-10 hours (depending on where the split occurred) each way and how much money did they really save by not running the Houston leg? It couldn't have had that low ridership, DAL-HOS alone should've been very popular, especially among Texas A&M students traveling to both ends. You can argue that 3x/week hurt ridership but back then the entire TE was 3x/week. Could DAL-HOS have been that much less popular than the rest of the route? I would think Houston would have had close to if not more ridership to Dallas and north (St. Louis/Chicago) than San Antonio/Austin.  

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Bring back the Broadway Limited (or Three Rivers or any Chicago-Pittsburgh-Philly train)!



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Posted 25 June 2017 - 05:48 PM

The Houston section was connected and disconnected in Dallas.  The engine off the Houston Section 522 was the lead from Dallas to Chicago.  Then the reverse for 21/521.  If I remember correctly there were 2 Coaches on 521/522.

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