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Expanding the Amtrak Route Map

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#81 WoodyinNYC



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Posted 28 July 2017 - 06:36 PM


Depending on what the planned timetable is, Quad Cities might "only" need a single set to operate for the first frequency.  That could be absorbed in any number of ways (perhaps directly or indirectly through the use of one of those loose Talgo sets?), but 4-6 passenger cars should still be doable at the moment.  We are getting towards the limits of the existing equipment pool, but this might be workable.


The other option would be for the state and Amtrak to come to some sort of agreement for Amtrak to put out an order which could be filled by Siemens for a few sets of equipment based around the AAF design, with perhaps a 20-year agreement attached to it through leasing the equipment out to the state.


West Point, maybe something went missing?

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 04:04 AM




Dang, I thought they were further along with that than they are. Thanks for the info.


Yeah...I had thought so too. I knew the Rockford (Dubuque) project was basically dead (or at least dormant) but thought that there had actually been some movement on Moline/Quad Cities. Or maybe there has been (the Moline station perhaps) but the trackage improvements have always been "starting in the near future."


They needed the following components:

(1) Agreement with BNSF.  Obtained.

(2) Upgrades on BNSF.  Done.

(3) Agreement with IAIS.  Apparently they only just got this finalized (delayed by the budget fiasco).

(4) Upgrades on IAIS.  They were in the middle of engineering when the budget fiasco delayed it.

(5) Moline station.  Designed.  Mostly built.  Can't do platform until after track work sets the track level.

(6) Intermediate station in Geneseo.  Not designed yet.  May open after the rest of the line.

(7)  Track connection at Wyanet.  Property surveyed.  I believe there is agreement with both IAIS and BNSF on the basic design.   Property purchase delayed by the budget fiasco.
(8) Locomotives.  Paid for and arriving.

(9) Rolling stock.  ???? -- Nippon Sharyo disaster.  I'm not sure what they're going to do for this.

The whole thing is complicated because the trackwork mostly can't be done in the winter.  The budget fiasco therefore delayed start of most IAIS construction until next spring, though if the engineering goes well they might get some of it done this year.



Has Illinois or some other entity been putting out progress reports that allowed you to compile that list? Or did you have to cobble it together from various sources?


And, yeah, not sure what the plan is for equipment for these trains...


Cobbled it together from news articles over the course of the last two years.


Please feel free to moderate my posts.

#83 west point

west point


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Posted 31 July 2017 - 04:35 PM

This site is loosing some of my posts.  Point is that Siemens Bright line  type cars do not have traps.  Maybe they can be designed to meet the 800.000 # crush test.  Maybe Siemens has overseas cars that will pass the test.  Another problem is Brightline cars are semi permanently coupled.  IE no knuckle couplers except cars that connect to locos.

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 07:14 PM

Siemens Brightline cars have passed the 800,000lb crush test. Putting in traps are structurally trivial in a center sill car, such as the Brightline cars derived from Railjet cars.

It is also trivial change to replace the drawbars by AAR/American passenger standard tightlock couplers.

So both are essentially non issues.

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Posted 14 August 2017 - 11:13 PM

OK, fantasy exercise here:
You can add up to 5,000 train miles to the Amtrak map. This doesn't include multiple frequencies of a current route. You can choose any old route (Amtrak or otherwise), you don't have to worry about the ownership/ condition of the tracks or stations within the 5,000 track mile limit. Don't worry about putting routes together or one seat rides. If you want to bring back the 1995 BL, you only get charged the route between PGH-CHI since PGH-NYP is still being used. 
We can play this really old Wheel of Fortune style ... "For 788 miles, I'll take the Desert Wind between LAX and SLC..." 
90's Amtrak (timetables.org):
Sunset Limited East (MIA-NOL): 1033 miles 
Desert Wind (SLC-LAX): 788 miles
Texas Eagle (DAL-HOS): 264 miles
Lake Cities (DET-TOL): 56 miles
Since my "ideal" Amtrak "BL" route would be via Michigan and I could live with it going via CLE-TOL-South Bend, I don't "need" the portion between PGH and CHI.
70's Amtrak:
National Limited (PGH-STL): 611 miles 
Lone Star (OKC-Newton): 197 miles
Floridian (IND-Nashville): 298 miles (When it ran via Indy)
Pre Amtrak:
Cincinnati Limited (CIN-Columbus): 124.9 miles (http://www.american-...m/cinn-ltd.html)
Dixie Flagler (JAX-Nashville): 642.8 miles (http://streamlinersc...flag194106.html)
Phoebe Snow (Hoboken-BUF): 396.2 miles (http://www.american-...hoebe-snow.html) (Shout out to Neroden!)
Total so far (rounding up): 3,997 miles
My ideal CHI-Florida route would be via IND-Louisville-Nashville-Chattanooga-ATL-Jacksonville-ORL-MIA and/or TPA.
I don't have records of the mileage of any CLE-Columbus route or the proposed Meridian-DAL route. I certainly want CLE-Columbus included (AAO puts it at 135 miles, http://freepdfhostin...f26514bc8.pdf).I'm not 100% sold on Meridian-DAL since if HOS-DAL are hooked up that would give you a potential shorter route between NOL-DAL (via HOS). Maybe you could just extend the Crescent to DAL or HOS or SAS (again, fantasy thread!!!!) Meridian-Dallas via the Thruway bus is 507 miles so that is a huge bit of real estate for Shreveport. If you include those, that would leave around 450 miles. I also would like routes for both Allentown/Bethlehem and Tulsa. Allentown to Philly would be really "cheap" (maybe 50 miles?) I don't think I can fit Boise in (I certainly won't include all 1,625 miles of the old Pioneer between DEN-SEA).
If you have any accurate train miles for any of the missing portions feel free to do so and I'll update my list.

The Soo Line (CN) route from CHI-MSP (~450 miles)
The CNW (UP) route from CHI-MSP (~400 miles)
The CB&Q (BNSF)route from CHI-MSP (~400 miles)
The Milwaukee Road (CP) route CHI-Green Bay, WI (~200 miles)
The BNSF Hinckley Sub MSP-Duluth (~220 miles)
Part of several railroads (MSP-DEN via CZ) (~400 miles?)
The BNSD line GFK-Winnepeg, MB (~150 miles?)
The ex CNW route MSP-Mankato (~150 miles?)
CP route from MSP-Rochester-Winona (~100 miles)
I want my midwest MSP based service back if you can tell

Sent from my SM-G930P using Amtrak Forum mobile app

Empire Builder MSP-CHI (2) CHI-MSP (2) MSP-PDX (1) MSP-CBS (5.5 H late) (1) MKE-MSP (1) MSP-SEA (1) Coast Starlate PDX-EMY (1.5H late) (1) California Zephyr DEN-SLC (1H late) (1) Hiawatha CHI-MKE (1) NE Regional WAS-BAL (1) WAS-NYP (1) Acela Express BAL-WAS (1) BOS-WAS (1) Late Shore (Limited service) CHI-BOS (On Time) (1) Capitol Limited WAS-CHI (1) Texas Eagle SAS-CHI (1.5 HR late, 1 HR late) (2) CHI-SAS (1) (55 min early) Wolverine DET-DER-ARB-CHI (35 Min late) (1) Cascades SEA-VAC (1)
Non-Amtrak: VIA: Corridor Service Q.C.-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Windsor (1) Canadian: VAC-Winnipeg 4.5 H late (1) D. C. metro, Montreal Metro, Toronto subway, Portland streetcars, BART, Metra, NYC subway, Boston subway, Twin cities Blue/Green line
train cars travelled in: Superliner: Coach, Sleeper, Diner, CCC, SSL. Amfleet: LD Café, Café/Business, coach. Viewliner: Sleeper, Diner. Acela: Café, Business, quiet car. Horizon: Coach. Talgo: coach, diner, café; non Amtrak: ex CP Via Canadian Manor cars, Park car, diner,sleeper, Skyline lounge. LRC trainset: coach (tilt de-activated)

No trees were killed to make this, but a number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

My apologies if I offend you, or seem stubborn, it's simply my nature. I am 14 after all, and my English isn't exactly perfect.

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