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Adding More Through Car Service to LD Trains

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#61 Ryan



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Posted 10 January 2017 - 10:23 PM

plus there would need to be a Switching Crew in Pittsburgh in addition to the Crossover and any other needed track work and any Ransom,er Payments the Class Is would ask for!

Lots more than $50,000 involved!

No there wouldn't. This was explicitly laid out in the PIP:

It requires a switch on both ends so that road crews on these trains can both set out and pick up the cars without requiring a yard switching locomotive and crew. Track 1A also requires 480 volt ground power. A yard switching locomotive and crew would be cost prohibitive for the sake of making so few moves every 24 hours.

Literally no other track work or payments needed, as there would be no change to the operation of either train other than the switching at the station.
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#62 Bob Dylan

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 10:32 PM

Thanks for the info Ryan, my bad!
( of course that doesn't mean this will happen in our Lifetimes! 😬)
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Posted 11 January 2017 - 04:07 AM

The San Antonio switching movements are REALLY slow. Slower than the Albany switching. There are probably various reasons why, the biggest being that Albany still has a yard and a lot of trains and a lot of employees, and San Antonio doesn't. The track configuration might also be suboptimal.

I'm not sure whether the Spokane switching movements are as slow as the San Antonio switching movements.


The switching moves at Spokane don't take very long;  I know westbound, when the EB is split, the switching takes a matter of just a few minutes.  Eastbound I don't believe it takes  very long either.

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 08:05 AM


If you think TE/SL is slow you should have seen what went on in Ogden and later in SLC with 5/25/35 and 6/26/36 car shuffling. :)

I've said it before that sleepers shouldn't be required. If a passengers wants a coach seat from PHL-CHI they just book the through route (for sake of argument, 429). If he/she wants a sleeper, then you can give them a coach seat PHL-PGH and a sleeper on the CL PGH-CHI (probably has to be two separate tickets). Would having sleepers PHL-CHI be better? Sure. But once the switching capability comes, I'd rather not have to wait for the sleepers (especially since I most likely wouldn't use a sleeper anyway). Amtrak did start the Three Rivers back in the 90's without sleepers and after they split it off the CL the whole train had no sleepers.

But the crossover was there back then. It was removed after that. It needs to be put back before any of this can happen conveniently.


Restoring the crossover at Pittsburgh was estimated at, if I remember correctly, $50,000.

This is PEANUTS. This can't possibly be what's delaying the through cars. I mean, I could pay for that personally; so could Wick Moorman; it could be crowdfunded no problem...

There must be something else delaying the through cars at Pittsburgh.


Given some other stuff that we have observed, it would appear to be lack of desire to do things that would cause Amtrak to succeed. What railroad in its right mind completely removes Diners from trains - allegedly permanently, only to be able to offer just a room accommodation without the board added onto the fare? If that is the real reason then you just offer anther fare and see what happens. There is much more that is rotten at the top than meets the eye.

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 10:15 PM

Given some other stuff that we have observed, it would appear to be lack of desire to do things that would cause Amtrak to succeed.

Unfortunately, you're probably right. It could be lack of equipment -- but effort could get around that. It could be uncooperativeness from Norfolk Southern -- but they're usually quite cooperative on stuff like this.

It seems to be lack of will. And it's very disappointing, because we saw a lot of will back in 2008-2010. Who came in and said "eh, let's fire the PIP team instead of implementing the PIPs"? And can Wick fire whoever that was?

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