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Who in the world are you???

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#21 Braniff747SP


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 08:16 AM

I'm a 15 year old high school student. My passion is aviation (commercial in particular) along with other forms of mass transit: train, bus, ships, etc. I live in Los Angeles, California.

#22 creddick


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 09:16 AM

66 year old retired educator living in northeast Michigan. Retired as high school principal in 2000. BS (yes it fits) degree from Central Michigan University with a major in biology and a minor in geography. MA degree (also CMU) in secondary school administration. Also attended Lake Superior State University (3 years undergrad) and Saginaw Valley State (a few grad classes).

Married 42 years to the same woman I met in college. She too is an educator and we love to travel. One son who is an attorney (I call him a scum sucking pig) whom I love dearly and two wonderful grandchildren. Also have two cats who keep us entertained.

My love of trains goes WAY back. My father loved trains and we did some train travel as a family. My first recollection of train travel is a trip from Phoenix to LA and back. I was very young, maybe three or so, so I don't know what line we rode but I know it was a streamliner. I do remember going through the desert and the loco having a flat wheel. It was disconnected and we sat in the desert for several hours while a new loco was brought from wherever they bring locos from. My dad also took me on some short trips around the Phoenix area. I know some of those trips were on Santa Fe.

One of my uncles was a train man. He worked for the NYC and among other jobs, ended up trainmaster in Jackson, MI. Before that he was trainmaster in Bay City, MI (we moved there when I was seven). He used to take me to the yards there and hand me off to the crew on switch engines (steam) where I learned to blow the whistle, "drive" the engine, and was "allowed" to shovel coal. In those days, there was an overnight train from Bay City to Chicago. He would take me to the passenger depot where he would hand me off to the sleeping car porter and I would "help" him make up rooms. Great memories.

My wife and I have taken a few trips on Amtrak although not nearly as many as I would like to. Living where I do is not conducive to train travel. We have taken a few trips to Chicago on Wolverine service and Bluewater service. We have also made two trips to the Pacific northwest. The first trip was on the Pioneer to Seattle and the EB on the return to Chicago. Our last trip was to Vancouver, BC. for an Alaska cruise. We loved the Talgo between Seattle and Vancouver. Round trip on the EB for that trip. We have also ridden the City of New Orleans round trip from Chicago.

I have ridden Amtrak, obviously. I have also ridden Santa Fe, L&N (lived in Louisville a couple of years between Phoenix and Bay City), NYC, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific (rode the Canadian between Sudbury and Toronto while I was living in Sault Ste. Marie), Grand Trunk, VIA, and Algoma Central. There may be more but I can't think of them right now. There have also been a few commuter trips but other than New Jersey Transit and GO (Toronto), I can't remember which ones. I have also ridden subways in New York, Chicago (El too), and Toronto and street cars in Toronto and Detroit (People Mover too). There may be others I cannot recall.

My worst train trip was back in about 1964 or 65. I was on CN between London, Ontario, and Detroit on a Sunday morning when a car hit the train at a crossing. I was one of three people on the train to witness the accident. The car hit the back wheels of the car I was riding in and I was sitting just in front of the back wheels. I remember it like it was yesterday. Three killed in the car. CN police came to my house to interview me a few days after the accident. Cars do not win against trains. The family in the car was on their way to church.

My wife and I love to travel and we spend the winters in Destin, FL. Sure wish the Sunset was still operating east of NO. We are taking a Caribbean cruise in January and going to Disney World in February. Our next big trip we have planned is next fall. We hope to drive to DC and then down the Blue Ridge Parkway. In all my travels, we have ever done that even though we have been all around it.

Life is good.
The Empire Builder at Shelby, MT. September 2006.

#23 Peter KG6LSE

Peter KG6LSE

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 12:18 PM

I am 26 YO male 7th Year College student . Working on my first BS Degree in EE . (I have two others already) . AAS EET and AA Theatre .
My mottto is "" Engineer by day ,,,, costumer by night ""

Single and happy with it . My Joys in life tend to blend with my various jobs I do .

I am a avid Ham radio op
A Very good photographer and a member of the NPPA ( I tend to focus on news /events ect)
With that I do ( no as much as I used to ) Video too.. Final Cut Pro .
I am a advanced NAUI diver.
I have Lived in Fairfax VA in the 90s . LA cali from 00 to 09 . Iowa from 09 to 12 and now in Oregon Near Portland ..

past Jobs in no real order .
Radio DJ at 94.5 KULT FM for a year
worked at RVAC in LA for 2 Years .
I am a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol .
worked for a rec studio as a sound Eng and studio builder .
worked at my college as a Costume master for 2 years .

and tons of smaller jobs .\
I got in to pax rail as I have done a few small trips of the surfliner and founs out the college I went to in IA had no airport ,, just the salty dog and rail ...
( that choice was a easy one!)

after a few years of railing I have done the CS the cascades the SWC and the SJ and CC and CZ and card and wolverine .

I have a love/hate with Amtrak as the more I learn the more I am critical about them and there choices as I want to see them grow and prosper .

#24 wmk


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 09:27 PM

I'm a 61 yr old semi retired farmer/rancher with parkinsons(which slows me own).My home station is Houston Tx which limits my travel possibilities(Sunset Limited and a thruway bus).Where I need to travel there is no Amtrak service(Nashville Tn). I have riden The Tx Eagle twice(St Louis and Chicago),Sunset Limited(San antonio) and The Houston section of the Tx.Eagle,twice.My goal is to ride the Empire Builder,Coast Starlight and Cal Zephyr before the parkinsons d oes me in. I tire easily so multiple rest stops would be necessary as I travel coach. On the train I just relax and time passes quickly. Politically Amtrak is ignored in Houston and except for Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson (R Tx), Texas has few suporters in congress. Passenger rail service is sorely needed between Houston and Dallas,but I doubt if it happens in my lifetime.I am afraid that with the political climate we will be lucky if the long distance trains survive. I love riding a train :rolleyes:.................William........:excl: .still producing fresh vegetables and beef for you :excl:

#25 Ocala Mike

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 09:49 PM

I am a 70-yr. old retired NY State civil servant, now living on a small horse farm near Ocala, FL with my wife, two horses, two dogs, and two cats. I've been riding trains since the mid-40's (steam on the State of Maine Express), and now consider Palatka or Deland my home stations. I won't ride the Ambus to/from Ocala. On my bucket list:
1. Palatka or Lake City to the Mississippi Gulf Coast on either the SL or whatever else Amtrak comes up with.
2. Palatka to Lewiston, ME 100% by rail.
Not holding my breath for either!

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:07 PM

I'm 35-years old and grew up in northeastern Michigan. I went to school at NMU and miss the countryside of the U.P. very much, even though I also consider myself a city mouse.

I spent the bulk of my career as a writer/editor, but then the economy tanked, and I got laid off. I worked for a classical instrument retailer in Ann Arbor for a few years and loved it, but then I moved to Kalamazoo to take a job as an auto claim processor with the Good Neighbor. (My ex-boyfriend lived here, and I came here to be with him in 2008, only to break up a month later.) Posted Image

I'm thinking about going back to school for something medical-related, as I've served enough time in customer service. I'd love to study radiology. I'd also love to work as a writer again. My boyfriend and I have been talking about moving to Chicago since we'd both have more career opportunities there (he's a software programmer).

I love European history, particularly English history (especially the Tudors), and Victorian literature. I also love mysteries and tales of the supernatural (not "Twilight", gag). Trains bring me closer to those historical mysteries and my love of Europe. I wish I could travel with Miss Marple. :) I loved trains even as a kid, though. I used to beg to ride the train at the zoo and amusement parks.

I've been riding Amtrak since 2000, when I started taking it between Ann Arbor and Chicago. When I boarded a real train for the very first time and it started to roll out of the station, I cried with happiness. It was just so beautiful, to see the scenery like that and finally ride a real train.

When I started dating Brent in January 2010, I looked into the SWC since he's terrified of flying. I'd never taken a LD train, so I decided to take it to ABQ to visit him to "test it out". I loved it so much! He took the SWC to visit me twice while I continued to fly (I'm very impatient, and when you're dating long-distance you want to be there as soon as possible). Now we take the SWC to visit his family for the holidays, and we're planning other LD trips. We've been together almost three years. It's hard to believe.

We adopted two cats from the shelter a couple weeks ago: a two-year old grey tabby named Sherlock and a one-year old black, long-haired kitty named Winter. Previously, I had two kitties named Gomez and Morticia, but they both passed away. I miss them terribly. I wasn't sure about adopting two new cats, but it had been a couple of years, and it just felt so empty in my home and my heart. I'm so glad we adopted them. :) Everything feels happy and "normal" again. It truly feels like home again, now that we have two furry heartbeats sharing our lives.

I've lost 42 pounds toward my goal of losing 200 pounds total; I keep a weight loss blog (link below). It isn't all about weight loss, though. I tend to update nearly every day, so it's more of a journal. I'm glad I'll be able to read it years from now, since my memory isn't what it used to be. ;)

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Amtrak Miles: 48,312
Amtrak Routes: Blue Water, California Zephyr, Capitol Limited, Carl Sandburg, City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Crescent, Empire Builder, Hiawatha, Illinois Zephyr, Lincoln Service, Southwest Chief, Texas Eagle, Wolverine
Metropolitan Rail: Chicago Metra, Chicago L, Dallas TRE, Detroit People Mover, New Orleans RTA, San Francisco MUNI, Seattle Monorail, South Shore Line (NICTD), Toronto Subway & RT, Washington DC Metro

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 08:46 AM

Mid-50's, live in Baltimore, MD area for about the last 20 years. Moved here from Michigan when we purchased a then-running tourist train operation, called "The EnterTrainment Line". It was basically a dinner train, (all you can eat and drink) that ran out and back from either Westminster, MD or Union Bridge, MD on a (Sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island" song) "Three hour tour." Ran over the tracks of shortline operator Maryland Midland.

Married and divorced, no kids first marriage, five second time around. Met my wife on the EnterTrainment line, she was the train manager. (she hates trains now)

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. Schooled at Western Michigan University. Worked for Amtrak as a waiter and LSA from 1978 to 1981, based out of Chicago Crewbase. Always had "thing" for trains, even though no family history of employment or growing up in a "Train Town". (Ann Arbor certainly is not)

Lived in Austin, TX for several years in the 80's, while there was president of TexARP for a year. Didn't travel much via Amtrak for several years, (but more than "John Q. Public") Moved back to Michigan in the late 80's, bought an ex-C&O broken down branch line running from Paw Paw, MI to Hartford, MI. Ran a tourist train, dinner train, and modicum of freight there for a few years. (Kalamazoo, Lake Shore, & Chicago Railway)

Professionally been involved in computer/POS business for most of adult life, except the two stints with shortline/dinner trains. Currently work for s/w developer that writes s/w for restaurants, the touchscreens you see servers and cashiers using to ring up your order. (and on the iPod too)

Really glad to have found this forum a few years ago, as advice from Alan, The_Traveler, and many others, have helped me maximize not only AGR points, but rail travel in general.

Hate apologist-attitudes, always want to hold Amtrak (or any other carrier for that matter) to task to deliver what they say they are going to deliver.

Fed up politically with both major parties, so ID myself as "Independent". Subscribe to "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later:, and Lee Iacocca's statement, "Lead, Follow, Or Get-Out-Of-The-Way". Also find it better to "Ask for forgiveness, than ask for permission".

See ya all in Philly Saturday AM.

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 08:48 AM

43 year old college professor. I started taking Amtrak because flying was inconvenient (and expensive!) from where I live, realized how much I love train travel, now I use Amtrak for as many LD trips as I can.

My username comes from the fact that I use it as my alias on my blogspot blog, and it's also part of my alias on Ravelry, which is a sort of social-networking site for fiber crafters/artists.

In my real life, I'm an ecologist who also teaches soil science and statistics for biologists. I'm an avid knitter (hence the fact I hang out on Ravelry) and I make quilts. I'm also learning to play the piano after inheriting my grandfather's Steinway.

Single, no kids, honestly probably a pretty boring personal life....but there you are.

#29 oregon pioneer

oregon pioneer


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Posted 05 October 2012 - 03:07 PM

I'm the executive director of a small, struggling rural nonprofit in eastern Oregon. Our mission is about renewable energy and sustainability in general, so it makes trains a natural way to travel (being the most energy-efficient way to get from point A to point B). I tend to travel in winter, if at all, because both my job and my home require my presence full-time in summer. I love to walk, and usually travel light enough that I can do a couple miles with my luggage if necessary (an ability that came in handy a few years back, when we arrived at SAS on a snowy, icy night and there were no taxis to get us to our downtown hotel).

My very first train trip was from my home in Vermont to college in 1968 (now I've admitted I am over 60, and I also will say I am female). My dad drove me up from Vermont to Montreal, and I took the train to Chicago where I transferred to the California Zephyr. I loved going through Colorado, and the canyons of eastern Utah to the University of Utah in SLC. I have photos I took from the dome car with my little Instamatic camera (hmm, somewhere...).

My husband and I usually travel with a goal of visiting family, though as the older ones are gone now, we are branching out a little to some travel for the pleasure of seeing new places and visiting other friends and hobby destinations. I was enticed into this discussion board by meeting with an AU'er on the CS a couple years back. One of these years, Hubby and I hope to meet some more of you at a Gathering.

BTW, I don't live as far as some from the nearest station -- I'm something like equidistant from Winnemucca NV, Chemult OR, and Pasco WA. When you factor in the available bus connections, Chemult or even Portland wins out (no bus at all to the other two from anywhere near here).

One more thing: Hubby and I didn't get married till we were both 40. Having (separately but equally) observed in our 20s that there was already an adequate supply of human beings, we did not add to it by having children.

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I'm a "little Old Lady in Tennis Shoes" (LOLITS) from Eastern Oregon. I love to travel by train, though I live way out in the toolies, far from the nearest Amtrak station (Chemult). My station would have been Baker City, but they cancelled the Oregon Pioneer just before I took my first long-distance train trip as an adult. I've taken most trains in the West, but I'm still exploring new routes in the east.

#30 debmep


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Posted 05 October 2012 - 03:40 PM

Female age 55. Now surfing most of the time, but everyone was so helpful this past winter when I planned our GRR to ABQ trip. Thanks You all! Married with 2 adult sons living home, one with Epilepsy. (he will be able to drive again in a few weeks). In MIchigan the wait is 6 months after each seizure before you can drive.
Working as an LPN for 30 years but may be unemployed at the end of the year. Nurses are being replaced by Medical Assistants.
Lived in West Michigan my entire life, and LOVE the U.P! We joke that we want to be buried in the cute little cemetery in Seney MI next to the National Wildlife Refuge. Our get-away spot is St Ignace usually at the Budget Host. We love animals and are "rescue" people. Currently care taker for a feral cat colony in our back woods. All have been TNR'ed. Conservation roots but more liberal as we age. Grew up West Michigan tribal dutch protestant & married a ministers son. Now we attend a liberal west MI mega Bible church with a whole lot less guilt and a whole lot more joy! We have taken Amtrak to Chicago on day trips probably close to 15 times, this past March was our first big Amtrak trip and we loved it.

#31 jb64



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Posted 05 October 2012 - 06:38 PM

47 yr old female who has lived in Virginia her whole life. Graduated from UVA with a degree in psychology and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Meanwhile, I love baseball and it takes up much of my time. I am married (26 years) with two children, one grown and one nearly grown. I work in healthcare compliance and am a certified coder. I also work a part-time job coding for healthcare organizations across the country. This money is my travel money so I can take trips without worrying about how it might impact our budget. I love to travel and it is not exclusive to trains, but I do love train travel. I enjoy hiking, when I can, and I am active in Basset and other local animal rescues and local youth sports. I am a social modeater, fiscal conservative liberteration (little L) who has finally decided to stop voting for the lesser of two evils.
I also love this thread.

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 09:04 PM

I have been on this site for several years. I am married and am a preschool teacher. We have three grown children and one darling granddaughter who is eight months. The first time I took a train it was the Rocket out of Peoria, Illinois. It was a rocking and rolling trip to Chicago. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were recent high school graduates and we took the train to go shopping in Chicago. Many years ago. Then didn't go on a train until we started to cruise and I don't care for flying to the places where the ships leave from. We took our first one (coach) on the Cardinal to NYC. Not wild about going coach but we were paying for four people to go at that time. Since then we have gone on the train at least once a year. Have been on Cardinal, Empire, SWC, etc. We have two little dogs that I hate leaving behind every time we go on the train. Have found a lot of good tips on this site.

Come on Allen. You are the boss here. Tell us about you. :)

#33 Guest_Guestlsa_*

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 12:48 AM

wow I hope I get a chance to all of you although I met few of you guys (mrfss) on lake shore when you guys had gathering in Boston .

#34 jphjaxfl



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  • Interests:Rail passenger advocate for modern, reliable passenger trains that will allow for business or leasure travel. I have been riding trains for over 60 years, but I am not advocating going back to what we once had, rather an updated system similar to Europe, Japan, China, India and other nations with great passenger train systems.

Posted 06 October 2012 - 05:35 AM

I am a 64 y/o man living with my wife in Jacksonville, FL. My Dad worked for the New York Central in Illinois. I was born in Joliet, Il and had my first train trip from Joliet to Council Bluffs, Iowa to visit my Grandmother (with my parents) when I was less than a month old. When I was growing up in the 1950s our main mode of travel was passenger train with the question being which railroad and what train. My Dad had his favorites and my mother had hers and they were different. I lived in Peoria Il until I was 13, then moved to Hot Springs Arkansas from 1961 to 66. I went to the same high school as Bill Clinton (he was a Senior when I was a Sophmore). For college I moved to the Louisville, Ky area and went to school at Indiana University Southeast. I graduated from College shortly after Amtrak was born in 1971. I spent 2 months traveling in Europe and then joined the Air Force. I was stationed in Grand Forks, ND for 3 1/2 years until I got out in 1975, then I moved to Minneapolis and went to work for an Insurance Company. I was a frequent traveler on Amtrak in every place I lived. I got married in 1993. My wife grew up in Faribault, MN and rode the Rock Island trains as a child and enjoys train trave. In 1996, we moved to Atlanta for a career move and in 2004, we moved to Jacksonville, FL for another career move. Since 1981, I have made many business trips, but mostly travel by air because trains are not practical for business travel except in certain circumstances like overnight from Atlanta or Jacksonville to Washington, DC or on the corridor. I did a combination business pleasure trip in 1984 which my company paid for which was in conjunction with a trip to the New Orleans World's Fair, then to Texas for business and back to Minneapolis. I am happy we are making some small advances in passenger rail in the US. I look forward to riding the San Francisco to Southern California high speed rail when it gets done. Once that is a success, it will spread to the rest of the US. Trends even in the Insurance business seem to start in California and spread to the rest of the US with the southeast being the slowest to change. I am looking forward to riding a lot more trains in the future.

#35 the_traveler



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Posted 07 October 2012 - 12:15 PM

1349276877[/url]' post='397442']
Note to Moderator: Can you sticky this?

Take it easy .......

Take the train instead and enjoy the ride!

The view is much better at 3 feet than it is at 30,000 feet!

#36 crescent2



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Posted 07 October 2012 - 04:41 PM

I am crescent2: The two of us, hubby and I, loved to ride the Crescent.
I am a retired elementary school teacher and he was a retired civil and structural engineer. Sadly, he passed away about a month ago after a long and courageous struggle.

We had planned to take the California Zephyr after my retirement, but his failing health prevented that from happening. Next year, the Good Lord willing, I plan to take the trip and hopefully enjoy it enough for the both of us. I'll be asking for advice here soon. Enjoying the forum posts very much, thanks for all the helpful info!

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 10:09 PM

I am a 49 year old male who has been employed as a delivery driver for "Big Brown" for 25 years. I'm happily married (2nd time) and have introduced my family to Amtrak much to everyone's liking. In 10 days I will run my third Amtrak tour for my church (Methodist) to Chicago to see my Huskers play Northwestern in Big 10 football. I discovered Amtrak in March 2006 after a HORRIBLE flight with United Airlines to and from Toronto Canada. I've had wonderful trips on Amtrak, alot of good trips and one trip from hell. I'm wired for 110 but always going 220 so the train helps me to "relax" and to "chill". My honeymoon in 2010 was on Amtrak and we took it from my hometown of Lincoln NE to Sacramento and then onward to Seattle to see the Huskers play the U of Washington. We then took the EB to Chicago and the CZ back to LNK. I have not been as active on this forum like I used to be. I only have so much time to "play" on the computer so my time is limited. I'm so grateful I found this forum and have learned so many things from EVERYONE on this forum. I'm active politically and lean to the left. I have faith in a Higher Power and don't care if you believe or choose not to believe. I have been clean and sober for 26 years and am very grateful that I am alive today!

I have travelled on the California Zephyr, Lakeshore Limited, Carolinian, Acela, Capital Limited, Southwest Chief, Pacific Surfliner, Missouri River Runners, Texas Eagle, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Hiawatha Service and the Cardinal.

#38 jdcnosse


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 03:06 AM

Lets see, I'm 23, currently in college for computer science (specifically network security/computer forensics). I graduated high school in 2007, went to Michigan Tech University for a year, then had to come back home and so I went to a local community college and worked on and off.

I'm currently residing in TUS, however I grew up about 20 miles west of GRR. I moved to TUS in Jan 2012, to be closer to my girlfriend who I met thanks to Amtrak, and for better job/school prospects.

First train ride (aside from local excursion rides on the local tracks) was shortly after 9/11, took the International Limited from East Lansing, MI to Toronto, ON. Took a train to Chicago as well before my college years, and in the last couple of years I've been on the Pere Marquette and Southwest Chief 6 times (3 trips out west to FLG, and 3 trips coming back), as well as the Blue Water, and the Texas Eagle.

I've always had a fascination with trains however, even have a miniature version of the Walt Disney World monorail. Might have something to do with my Aspergers.

Also, I've recently found the most interesting music. Electro-Swing.

Edited by jdcnosse, 09 October 2012 - 11:11 AM.

Trains I've been on so far:
Round-trip: International Limited (LNS to TWO), Pere Marquette (GRR to CHI), Southwest Chief (CHI to FLG), Blue Water (CHI to KAL)

One-way: Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited (CHI to LVW, FTW to TUS), Ambus (LVW to FTW)
Miles traveled on Amtrak: 15,044 mi

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 06:18 AM

For the past 1-1/2 years I have lived in the tiny town of El Paso, Illinois, which is about 20 miles from the Bloomington/Normal Amtrak Station. I'm thoroughly enjoying living just 2 blocks from my dear daughter and having several grandchildren living here in this same little town. I have lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where more than once we had seen evidence of bears wandering around while we slept. I have also lived in a suburb of Los Angeles and in the Mississippi River town of Clinton, Iowa. However, most of my years were spent in and near Chicago and I am told by the "locals" here that I have a Chicago accent.

I am retired but was a bean counter during all my working years. Some people think accounting is complex, but every day was the same: zero to nine all day long. Now I rarely get out the door before 9 a.m. and enjoy the many activities this town offers, the favorite of which is playing pinochle. Of course, riding trains is my passion and I don't get to do that often enough.

My Godfather was with the Northwestern Railroad, I worked several years with the holding company of Katy Railroad, and now my granddaughter works for Norfolk Southern. I love this forum for all the friendly people, interesting conversations, and wealth of information it provides. The number of forum members keeps growing by leaps and bounds and the variety of posts must keep the moderators hopping! Early on I remember times when I was the only person on this discussion forum; that never happens now. Thank you, Anthony, for starting all of this.

Routes Traveled: Desert Wind, Southwest Chief, Missouri Mule, Empire Builder, Capitol Ltd., Lincoln Service, Lake Shore Ltd., Missouri River Runner, City of New Orleans, Cardinal, Silver Meteor, Texas Eagle, Cascades, Broadway Ltd., Acela, Downeaster, Sunset Ltd., Coast Starlight, California Zephyr, Hiawatha, Capitol Corridor, Maple Leaf, Ethan Allen Express 76,745 Amtrak miles.    Via Rail Vancouver to Toronto 2775 Miles.

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 10:39 AM

I'm 62 with a life-long love of trains ( I'm told my 1st train trip was when I was 6 weeks old when we took a train from New Rochelle to Pittsburgh -- and then on to Detroit by car). While I've live in the currently Amtrak-less Phoenix metro area, I still consider Detroit to be my home town. I've toiled in Academentia (BA: UM; MA: UI; MSLS:Wayne) for most of my life and am still working my local megalithic University as an academic Librarian. At a previous job at SUNY-Albany, I got to renew my absolute love of trains by riding to NYC, DC and beyond. Since several people have given it up, I'm also a life-long progessive left-leaning radical apathist.

Among all my many train adventures my top three were going from Detroit to NYC in 1960 in order to catch the Queen Elizabeth and then spend the entire summer in England at my Grandparents ( we returned on the Caronia); the trip I took about 4 years ago from Anaheim to Portland on the CS in a roomette; and a day ride from Denver to Salt Lake City on the D&RG in 1976 ( it was a group trip and to give you an idea of what kind of group it was,the train left around 7am and the bar car was out of beer by about Noon).

This is one of my favorite lists and I want to thank the moderators and all the great posters. Keep it up!


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