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A collection of links from one of the largest Rail sites and a company that also hosts many other rail sites.


OTOL Hints & Tips

Hints and tips, as well as general information that can be useful for both first time riders and experienced riders.

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OTOL Auto Train Hints & Tips

Hints and tips for those riding Amtrak's Auto Train.

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Route Guides

A collection of some current route guides, as well as some of the older more detailed route guides that Amtrak used to hand out on board. Roll down the page about 1/4 of the way to find the links to the individual guides.

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OTOL Amtrak Scanner Frequencies

Scanner frequencies for Amtrak trains organized by route.

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OTOL Amtrak Car Roster

A listing of Amtrak cars, engines, and non-revenue equipment.

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Friends of Amtrak

An advocacy site for Amtrak that tracks all the moves in Congress and elsewhere.

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