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Announcement: Selling/Trading of AGR Points

Posted by AlanB



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It has come to the attention of the leadership here that a member has in effect been selling Amtrak Guest Rewards (AGR) points to other members behind the scenes, taking cash and/or trades for issuing AGR tickets in the other personís name. This is in direct violation of the terms and conditions (TOC) of the AGR program. The member in question initially made a public post many months ago and was warned that we did not condone this practice. He has continued to do more sales/trades behind the scenes and is now no longer a member as of today, having been banned.

To avoid future incidents like this, I want to make it perfectly clear that the selling and/or trading of AGR points/awards is prohibited by the AGR TOC that all members who sign up must agree to. Section E, rule #5 specifically states ďAmtrak reward certificates are not returnable, cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be bartered or sold.Ē

Furthermore Amtrak Unlimited, its owner and moderation staff do not condone nor allow the sale or trading of AGR points through this website and forums. Amtrak Unlimited is not, nor will be liable for any damages resulting from a sale or trade of AGR points initiated through contact via Amtrak Unlimited that can not be completed due to fraud, misrepresentation or AGR forfeiting the purchased points due to breaching the terms and conditions of the AGR program.

Going forward, anyone found selling/trading points or buying/accepting AGR tickets for trade in the future will be placed on moderator approval for one week. This means that any and all posts made by that member will not be visible until approved by a moderator. Additionally their ability to send and receive PMís will also be turned off for that same week.

A second violation will result in a one month suspension of the memberís posting privileges. A third violation of this policy will result in the member being banned.

All members are urged to immediately report to a staff member if they are indeed approached by another member regarding an offer to trade or sell AGR points. No action will be taken against those who report being contacted by someone trying to sell/trade AGR points.